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Primary Services: 

  • Direct-Push Geoprobe®  services 

  • In-Situ Remediation  

  • Hollow Stem 

Field Sampling Capabilites: 

  • Discrete Soil Sampling 

  • Continuous Coring Soil Sampling 

  • Groundwater Sampling 

InterPhase sampling rigs provide direct push drilling services for collecting soil vapor, soil and groundwater samples at depths of 50 feet or more.  Hollow stem capability up to 40 feet. 


For limited-access areas, InterPhase uses a Geoprobe®540M and/or a Geoprobe®540M drill rig.  Both units are propane powered and small enough for those hard to reach areas.  For limited spacing, access to remote sampling locations or tracking through sloping terrain, swampy forest InterPhase also uses a Geoprobe®6610 or a Geoprobe®6620.  

InterPhase technicians and operators are factory trained and certified by Geoprobe Systems, Inc. 

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